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    Our Mission

    To Provide a quality football program for the youth of North Ridgeville and our surrounding communities. We will emphasize the value of sportsmanship and the spirit of competition, to instill the virtues of teamwork while teaching how to win and lose with dignity.

    New Divisions for 2019!

    NEW for the 2019 season - We will be having a Junior Flag Division for ages 5, 6, and 7 and a Senior Padded Flag Division for ages 8 and 9.  If you register through November 3rd the cost will only be $75.00 per player.  You may register at the Super Bowl or you may mail in a form printed from the Website - the form on the Website will show the higher cost, but we will honor the $75.00 fee if you have it postmarked by the 3rd of November.  We are looking for a good year for 2019.  We will still be playing 11 on 11.

    Bob Miscuda

    Bob Miscuda


    Phone: 216-598-7662


    2018 Game Schedule

    Follow your team or the entire league on the FREE Sport Ngin app!

    Download the free Sport Ngin app for Android and Apple devices, or follow us on the web with your PC or mobile browser!  Once you create an account using only your email address and unique password, you'll be able to follow your team or league schedule, standings, or scores throughout the season.  You can use the team ID that appears in the top right corner of each team's page to find them on the app or you can search for them by name. 

    Calendar Feed

    You can make the selections through the tag filter for the teams or leagues that you want to see on the calendar or you can see all of the games going on throughout the North Ridgeville Football League. You can also copy the URL of the feed (by clicking the "Subscribe to iCal feed" button below the calendar), with or without your tag filters, into your Outlook or Google calendars - or you can follow the instructions from our document page to be able to add the calendar feed to your Apple device. Instant information and change notifications are just a few clicks away!